Seven first-timers among 28 capitulars

CEBU CITY – For the first time in their religious life as Augustinian Recollects, seven delegates are among the 28 capitulars or participants to the 8th Provincial Chapter of the St. Ezekiel Moreno Province which will open today, May 16, at the Talavera House of Prayer-Recoletos in Cebu City.

These seven delegates, or elected capitulars, represent the five of the 11 key areas (or sectors) previously determined by the 7th Provincial Chapter in 2018: James Castelo (Formation), Roderick Deguit and Jay Parilla (Ministerial Apostolate), Romeo Ben Potencio and Rafael Pecson (Educational Apostolate), Prudencio Castillo (Sierra Leone mission), and Allan Jacinto (Vocations and Youth Ministry).

The other key sectors (areas or communities) represented by at least one delegate are: Religious Brothers; local priors of Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Cavite and the Provincial Curia; local priors of seminaries; mission of Taiwan and Rota; mission of Indonesia; and the ministries of Palawan, Tambo, Surigao, and Pangasinan.

The OAR Constitutions 384 states: “Of those attending the chapter, some do so a iure, others by election. The latter are referred to as delegates.” 

According to the same constitutional provision, the “a iure” capitulars, or those who participate the chapter by virtue of their offices, are “the president of the chapter, the prior provincial, the provincial councilors, the ex-prior provincial who served the previous … term of office, the provincial secretary, the vicars provincial, and the provincial-elect, should there be one.”

In this provincial chapter, eight are a iure participants and 20 are delegates: 


Fray Miguel Angel Hernández – Prior General / Chapter President

Fray Dionisio Selma – Prior Provincial (outgoing)

(yet to be elected) – Prior Provincial-elect

Fray Ian Anthony Espartero – Vicar of the Province

Fray William Emilito Villaflor – 2nd Councilor

Fray Amado Emmanuel Bolilia – 3rd Councilor

Fray Edgar Tubio – 4th Councilor

Fray Jose Ernil Almayo – Provincial Secretary


  1. Local Priors of Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Cavite, Provincialate: Fray Leopoldo V. Estioko
  1. Local Priors of Seminaries: Fray Paulino H. Dacanay
  1. Religious Brothers: Fray Feliciano C. Campomanes
  1. Formation Apostolate: Fray James C. Castelo, Fray Joseph Philip I. Trayvilla, Fray Kenneth Joseph L. Onda
  1. Ministerial Apostolate: Fray René F. Paglinawan, Fray Niño Cesar R. Ruiz, Fray Roderick T. Degui, Fray Jay Parilla
  1. Educational Apostolate: Fray Henry H. Santiago, Fray Cristopher C. Maspara, Fray Romeo Ben A. Potencio Jr., Fray Anthony A. Morillo, Fray Rafael B. Pecson
  1. Mission of Taiwan and Rota: Fray Corvin R. Maturan
  1. Mission of Sierra Leon: Fray Jose Prudencio G. Castillo
  1. Mission of Indonesia: Fray Russell C. Lapidez
  1. Ministries of Palawan, Tambo, Surigao and Pangasinan: Fray Regino Z. Bangcaya
  1. Vocations and Youth Ministry: Fray Allan M. Jacinto