Some useful information as we start the 8th Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno:

Provincial ChapterInclusive DatesTotal No. of DaysNumber of CapitularsChapter President
INovember 8-21, 19991425Javier Desiderio Guerra
IIFebruary 10-21, 20031222Javier Desiderio Guerra
IIIFebruary 13-25, 20061322Javier Desiderio Guerra
IVFebruary 9-21, 20091325Javier Desiderio Guerra
VFebruary 13-27, 20121526Miguel Miró
VIFebruary 17-26, 2015926Miguel Miró
VIIFebruary 12-24, 20181327Miguel Miró
VIIIMay 16- ?, 2022?28Miguel Angel Hernández
Term of OfficeElected Prior ProvincialProvincial CouncilorsProvincial Secretary
1999-2003Emeterio BuñaoLauro Larlar, Samson Silloriquez, Bernard Amparado, Leopoldo EstiokoJoel Naranja
2003-2006Lauro LarlarRegino Bangcaya, Constantino Real, Bernard Amparado, Paulino DacanayJose Fortunato Garces
2006-2009Lauro LarlarConstantino Real, Regino Bangcaya, Paulino Dacanay, Leander BarrotJose Fortunato Garces
2009-2012Regino BangcayaBernard Amparado, Emeterio Buñao, Raul Buhay, Leopoldo EstiokoRené Paglinawan
2012-2015Lauro LarlarDionisio Selma, Bernard Amparado, Leopoldo Estioko, Julius MarcosArnel Diaz
2015-2018Dionisio SelmaJulius Marcos, Ian Anthony Espartero, Amado Emmanuel Bolilia, Edgar TubioJose Ernil Almayo
2018-2022Dionisio SelmaIan Anthony Espartero, William Emilito Villaflor, Amado Emmanuel Bolilia, Edgar TubioJose Ernil Almayo
2022-? a b c d


 a The term of office depends on the Provincial Chapter’s decision which is then reflected in the Provincial Directory (cf. Const. 382).

b One of those in the ternary (composed of Leander Barrot, Bernard Amparado, Ian Anthony Espartero) will be elected “at the start of [the 8th Provincial Chapter].”

c They will be elected towards the last day of the Provincial Chapter.

d He will be appointed by the Full Council (cf. Add. Code 399).


Total: 28 (8 a iure; 20 delegates)

Prov. ChaptersattendedCapitulars*
6Selma, Trayvilla
5Estioko, Paglinawan, Santiago
4Almayo, Bolilia, Dacanay, Maspara, Morillo, Tubio
3Campomanes, Villaflor
2Espartero, Lapidez, Maturan, Onda, Ruiz
1Castelo, Castillo, Deguit, Jacinto, Parilla, Pecson, Potencio

*The 28th participant (i.e., Prior Provincial-elect) is not yet determined

No. of Capitulars*
70 years old up2 (7.41%)
60 – 69 years old4 (14.81%)
50 – 59 years old9 (33.33%)
40 – 49 years old10 (37.04%)
30 – 39 years old2 (7.41%)
27 (100%)**

*The 28th participant (i.e., Prior Provincial-elect) is not yet determined

**Mean Age: 51.85 years old. The oldest is Fray Bangcaya (73) and the youngest is Fray Castelo (37).

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